How can FITergize Help Me?


There is certainly no shortage of nutrition & exercise programs, books, websites, magazines, media coverage and advice from family & friends showing and telling us how to get fit & healthy.

However, there most certainly is a shortage of resources to help people get off their behind and trigger action within themselves to break free from dysfunctional lifestyle patterns, frustration & internal resistance to positive change.

In order to achieve our dreams and goals, we must grow our mind by learning more about ourselves. Understanding how our mind works is an insight which provides us with an invaluable advantage to achieve anything we desire.


In order to develop your fit & healthy body, you will first need to sharpen your awareness of how your mind works against you. It is only after this awareness is identified that you will abandon your current methods so that you could then move in the direction of more effective one’s.

To develop LONG TERM health & fitness you must discover how to:

• build self-esteem & self-confidence
• set realistic & attainable goals
• believe in yourself & your abilities
• think more positive
• manage your time better
• overcome procrastination
• not allow body image fears to interfere with your goals
• move past stress & depression
• change & improve your behaviors & habits
• overcome food addictions & cravings
• not allow the fear of failure to stop you from pursuing your goals
• create a solid plan for success

Propeller of Action / The Engine of the Body – The Mind:

The mind is the true driving force behind everything that we do in our life. It is quite literally the on & off switch to every What, Why, When & How of what we pursue.

The power of the mind is commonly overlooked with regard to goal achievement. However, if you ask any pro athlete or athletic champion, they will tell you that they reached their highest levels of success because of their ability to use the power of their mind.

To become our best self, knowing what to do isn’t enough; we must actually do it! Not knowing how to trigger action within ourselves & break dysfunctional lifestyle patterns is the reason why the masses of society are overweight and sick. Knowing how to navigate around these obstacles within our mind will align our spirit with our dreams.


Making healthy lifestyle changes without the momentum of instant results can be very frustrating. As a result, most people lose the motivation to continue on the healthy path which is where their root of failure lies.


The true silent challenge is taking action and getting yourself to build the daily lifestyle habits to create positive change and results in your life.

If you feel stuck between who you are now and who you want to become, there’s help for you here at

I understand how important it is for you to have plenty of motivation to achieve your goals so is always providing solutions to keep you fired up and moving forward. No matter the size of your goals, they are sacred to you and they deserve every ounce of your motivation & drive from start to finish.

I have always believed that knowledge is power; however, your knowledge can only become powerful for you if you put it into motion and allow it to create the magic in your life that you want.

FITergize is here to help you to break free from frustration & internal resistance. We are here to help you to apply your Genius to become Powerful so you can experience the Magic of achieving your goals and living your dreams.