Vitamin Water & Glucose-Electrolyte Solutions Misunderstood

Make sure to read nutrition labels on designer waters. Although these waters may taste better than plain water, most of them contain a ton of sugar which by ingesting has the potential to convert to body fat. Most people are impressed and deceived because vitamin water contains vitamins and minerals which seems great but if you are consuming your nutrients from healthy food sources and taking a multi-vitamin supplement, then you will not need the vitamins and minerals from your water. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily good. If you eat properly and take your vitamins, then save yourself from the high sugar content of these designer waters because they are only going to sabotage your waistline and your health. Make sure to drink pure water. It will help you to achieve the body you really want.

Glucose-Electrolyte sports solution drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are good alternatives to water but only when you exercise at very high intensity levels for more than one hour. If you are not engaging in an activity at a very high intensity for more than one hour, then water is the best solution for you. Also, when you are in very hot climates your body loses electrolytes through perspiration so I suggest a 50/50 blend of water and a glucose-electrolyte solution to compensate for this loss. Often times you will see endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists drinking a glucose-electrolyte solution to replenish their incredibly hard working body, of water, glucose and electrolytes.

You should also know that your kidneys need plain water present to help them to do their job of getting rid of the waste products in your body. If your kidneys do not have enough water to do their job, they have to turn to your liver. Normally, the job of the liver is to mobilize body fat but if the kidneys are looking to your liver for help, then the liver won’t be able to do its primary job of mobilizing body fat. This is something that could very easily be avoided just by drinking plain water. Remember that vitamin water and glucose-electrolyte solutions both contain a high amount of sugar. Unless your body has been subjected to an extremely taxing workout or very hot temperatures for more than 1 hour, avoid these beverages and stick with plain water for best results.

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